Welcome to the BP Service Association in Canada. This traditional scouting portal can link you to various Councils and groups throughout Canada. Traditional scouting in Canada takes place anywhere from the Rocky Mountains right through to the sunny shorelines of Atlantic Canada with loads of land and water in between. Our traditional style of Scouting will awaken your inner adventures and brighten your back-to-nature exploration and experiences.

The BP Service Association is one of several Scouting organizations throughout Canada which operates as a "back-to-the-basics program" which help harvest individual character, personal outdoor skill-sets, and well-rounded community citizenship in any Canadian youth or adult. Much of the traditional programs which we use come from the original teachings of Baden-Powell's ideas, ethics, principles, and morals which still remain relevant in today's society.

The BP Service Association is proud to be part of the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS) which can be found throughout the world in almost each and every country, all following very much the same principles and values. With today's vast cultures and beliefs, Traditional Scouting remains focused on child safety, latest technologies and legislation applications, while operating programs on land and water. Our organization operates 100% volunteer and centered around being economical for communities and families; just how the founder intended.

You can learn more about the BP Service Association by accessing the various Councils throughout Canada (click on a Province below) and also by browsing our Frequently Asked Questions or our Fact Sheets.

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